House Optima® is a modern and easy-to-use ERP system aimed at property managers, property maintenance and housing companies. The system delivers time savings both in work planning and execution. Residents and shareholders can more easily be provided with an excellent property management service. As the needs of property managers differ, we offer three different versions of House Optima®, which vary in their extent.

Tools for the property manager

House Optima® offers useful tools to property managers. Project management becomes easier and routines get carried out even in the most complex of projects by means of task reminders. The system’s features are being developed further. In future property managers can also make use of tools in bidding procurement, in alteration work (initiated by shareholder/residents) processes, and in the management of the Long-term Plan (mandatory). It will be possible to request bids from sub-contractor lists, which the system will both receive and save. The alteration work process will be easy to manage through the system. Equally it will be possible for proposals concerning annual repair work based on the Long-term Plan to be made and followed up within the system.

Easy communication in a variety of formats

Thanks to built-in communication features information moves very easily between the right people with the necessary user rights. House Optima® offers, among others things, electronic forms, maintenance work orders, contact requests, change notifications and recording of maintenance tasks in the digital logbook. Communication formats utilised can be text messages, e-mails, paper bulletins, infoscreens, resident communication. Also digital signature and instant messaging will be added in future.

House Optima digital logbook for property manager

Easy task planning

With House Optima® you get real-time information so resources can be targeted effectively. The system directs requests for contact to the right people who plan and carry out the work tasks. Planning and supervising daily work, as well as following work hours, becomes much easier and repetitive work tasks can be dealt with quicker. Routine tasks get done sooner and time savings mean that more focus can be placed on those tasks that will bring added value to residents/customers.

Customer relationships and offer calculation

Customer relationship management is made easier in the House Optima® system through availability of contracts and client register. The system provides also up-to-date and accurate customer information. The system enables effortless offer calculation. The property manager’s work becomes much easier when data is stored into the system only once. All essential customer relationship management information is always readily to hand.

Finance and reporting

House Optima® provides real-time billing management tools by means of automatic accumulation of invoices and invoice-related material. House Optima® can also handle purchase invoices. The system automatically transfers posted purchase-and sales invoice data to the General Ledger. House Optima® merges different functional data and reports on different areas of interest can be compiled to support operations. System features will be developed further and in future House Optima® will also be able to manage apartment sales and rentals. On the basis of consumption monitoring the management of invoicing for maintenance charges, water and rental payments will also be possible.

All information on the property

The system can store the required operational documentation, drawings, maintenance history, and other important data into a coherent whole. Open system interfaces allow integration with other systems, so that property information can be handled via a remote-control system. Using House Optima® system you can for example monitor real estate and housing-specific consumption and manage locking and access control.