House Optima® is both an innovator and pioneer when it comes to property systems. Our system is an easy-to-use solution for maintenance management needs, as well as for real estate information management and overall property utilisation. Real estate maintenance data is securely stored in the digital logbook and browsing through property maintenance history data is easy. Well-organised information is easy to find which makes for effective decision-making. Real estate maintenance operations become very transparent when our system(s) are utilised.

Effective maintenance control

House Optima® system makes maintenance very easy to control. You know what’s going on when both maintenance measures and working time are checked off real time. The digital logbook has a timing feature to remind you of maintenance tasks to be carried out, while completed maintenance tasks are recorded in the property maintenance history data. With the help of the system maintenance tasks and the use of working time can easily be planned.

Getting real estate into order

The system stores information about real estate in awell-organised manner. Information is easy to locate when documents relating to the property, maintenance work requests, maintenance records and resident data are in the same place in the House Optima® system. Property maintenance is furtherenhanced as real-time and accurate information enable better decision-making. The system provides excellent visibility on real estate data, as well as on real estate maintenance management.

Open and integrated communication

The centralised House Optima® system communication enables a smooth flow of information on the property. Current matters are easy to communicate rapidly via updated info displays. Text messages, email and paper documents can be targeted to the desired recipient groups. Using the House Optima® system, residents can report maintenance needs, and completed work is notified real time, – communication is reliable and open. The system enables information flow to be very smooth, because particular attention has been paid to its built-in communication capabilities. This means that within certain functions communication is automatic.

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Helps with financial management and reporting

The system provides reports which support effective decision-making. Employee and property-specific reports facilitate forecasting and budgeting. Customer and profitability reports are also available in the more extensive premier version. Real estate maintenance information and invoices of work done are combined in the system, and then directly forwarded, after approval, to the payment service. The system also allows for accounting support services. Financial management is effortless in the House Optima® system.

Good working relationships

The system enables smooth co-operation as regards property maintenance between the property manager, and housing company. A reliable database ensures clear recording of information and contracts. A transparent information flow serves to reduce ambiguities and disagreements. House Optima® system also makes it possible to support offer calculation in business relationships. The House Optima® system can also provide support for business relationships through its use in the calculation of offers.

Ease of control

Property telemonitoring is easy with the help of the system. Life-cycle costs will fall as a result of keyless locks, as key cards can be updated more easily using the system. The system ensures that the right people can get into the correct doors. Unlocking is also possible. House Optima® system facilitates integration possibilities – different control systems of the property are able to communicate with each other. Monitoring consumption happens real-time within the system. The House Optima® system constantly monitors the property so that you always know what is going on.