House Optima® is an easy-to-use and secure system for storing property information and important documents. In this property management system, data is updated real time and browsing through property maintenance history data is easy. Updated and accurate information enables both effective decision-making and smooth running of the property.

Digital service logbook – bringing added value

The digital logbook makes for efficient operation of a building. Maintenance work can be recorded, completed maintenance measures can be checked off real-time, and maintenance records stored as historical data. This unbroken service history benefits real estate value and enables both effective decision-making, as well as better predictive maintenance.

Open and integrated communication

Communication within a housing company can be centred in the House Optima® system. This system makes the actions and working of the company transparent, removing ambiguities and disagreements, as a result of an improved and clear information flow. Communication on a property is very easy in the House Optima® system whether by means of printed info, via e-mail, SMS or, for example, via quickly updateable infoscreens. The system makes the passage of information particularly smooth, because it has built-in communication features. Thanks to this, information automatically moves between different persons in connection with various activities and actions.

Getting housing company documents in order

You can use the system to store basic information and photos of the property. More extensive versions of the system also include a material bank in which documents pertaining to the property and material to be used by the housing company’s Board (Annual General Meeting etc.) can be stored. The system can also retain information about each individual dwelling, residents and the shareholder registry, as well as details concerning car parking.

Help in keeping finances under control

House Optima® offers financial and reporting tools. Property data can be used to prepare reports which will support effective decision-making, forecasting and budgeting. The system allows for smooth invoicing and also provides accounting support services. Financial management is effortless with the House Optima® system.

Ease of building control

Property telemonitoring is easy to use in House Optima® system. The system has interfaces with other systems, so that real estate operation runs as smoothly as possible. For example, heat regulation and sauna management systems can be controlled remotely. Access control ensures that the right people can get into the right doors. Adding and changing access rights is simple and fast.

Benefits for a housing company?

House Optima® is a user-friendly system which caters to the needs of property maintenance. Request a quote or send us your questions, and we will be back to you soon.

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