Optima Locker™ is a self-service cabinet assisting customers to get significant added value from their products and services. Optima Locker enables excellent customer service and safe borrowing and pick-up that can be made independently. The self-service cabinet can be modified in line with customer needs and its compact size will fit even into a small space. Optima Locker™ makes customer service fast and efficient 24 hours a day.

Lending cabinet for borrowing and returning

Optima Locker™ self service cabinet is suitable for both lending and pickup. As a lending cabinet Optima Locker™ enables borrowing and returning products reliably and safely 24/7. The cabinet allows you to borrow and return products with an easy-to-use touch screen, that shows the real-time balance of the available products. Authentication is done with an RFID reader, or barcode and a pin-code. Display guides the borrowing and the user will be notified by e-mail of their own transactions.

Optima Locker™ lending cabinet can be managed using the touch-screen or remotely using any web browser. The management interface allows you to monitor loan history, define the products to be borrowed and their settings, such as loan time and how many times the product can be loaned. Lending cabinet can be used for example as a storage and borrowing laptops in schools and libraries, which decreases the need for a proper classroom or a working space. Any kind of storage and lending can be managed with Optima Locker for example in workplaces and the cabinet can be utilized in many kind of businesses.

Optima Locker Pickup Cabinet

Optima Locker enables also smooth pickup functions. The pickup cabinet makes distribution more efficient, frees staff for other tasks and provides 24/7 delivery and customer service. An easy-to use-management interface is web-based and there is no need for seperate software. The system can have up to 100 compartments that can be opened with a single reader.

Pickup cabinet works simply: after the product is placed into the compartments, receiver is provided an opening code by SMS and the product can be picked up whenever it is suitable for the receiver. The pickup cabinet has a reader for entering codes and opening the compartments. There is no need for personnel and the products are securely storaged as long as the customer picks up his products. Optima Locker is suitable for example for workplaces, public spaces and companies to enhance the distribution functions. In municipalities and cities Optima Locker can be used as a healt care necessity distribution.

Individual implementation

The size of the cabinet can be increased in modules and the appearance can be customized. Electric locks ensure easy and secure lending. The compartments are equipped with mains plugs and, if necessary, network cables. User authentication is done by integration of the cabinet into the client’s system.

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